Medicare claims:
We are participating providers with the Medicare program. We will bill Medicare for you and will accept the Medicare payment plus a 20% co-payment and deductible, as required by Medicare law. If you have secondary insurance, please indicate that on the appropriate forms and we will bill your secondary insurance for you.

HMO's, PPO's and other insurances:
We will bill your insurance company for your office visit. Once the claim has been processed we will notify you of any balance due.

If you have an office co-pay, we would request it be paid at the time of the office visit in accordance with your insurance plan. If you are unsure if we are a provider for your insurance plan, please contact your insurance company to verify if we are participating.

Bureau of Workers’ Compensation:
We are providers for the Bureau of Workers' Compensation. We participate in all Bureau of Workers' Compensation managed care organizations, (MCO's), although we may not be listed in their directories. We will bill Workers' Compensation for your office visits and any testing or treatment performed by our physicians. We will complete all necessary Bureau of Workers' Compensation claim forms. Due to the volume of paperwork associated with Workers' Compensation claims, we would greatly appreciate your assistance in reminding us of any forms that need to be completed or are due, at the time of your office visit. Please bring your Workers’ Compensation card, the name of your managed care organization, the name and phone number of any case manager involved in your care to your office visit. We would also appreciate the name and phone number of any contact person at your company regarding Workers' Compensation.

We are providers of services to patients with Medicaid. We will bill Medicaid for your medical services. Please bring a copy of your current Medicaid card with you to each office visit.

Personal Injury/Automobile and Other Liability Injuries:
Most personal injury insurances will pay the patient directly and not the physician. With this in mind, we will bill you for any services provided to you by our staff. If your insurance does not pay for each office visit, we would be glad to work out a payment plan until your payment is made in full. We do not bill your liability insurance or attorneys for your medical care. There is a fee for any reports beyond routine office notes required by the insurance company and/or any attorneys.

Insurance Information about Procedures and Tests: Procedures, such as spinal injections, joint injections, EMGs, trigger point injections, physical therapy and office visits will be billed to your insurance. We will contact your insurance to verify coverage for these services to the best of our abilities. However, all insurance plans differ and the amount for the deductible and how services we provide, such as injections, office visits, EMGs, physical therapy and others are applied to your deductible. You should contact your insurance company to verify your coverage, that we are providers, and how this will be applied to your deductible.

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