What is it?
Myofascial pain is a localized muscle injury which produces a localize muscle spasm or trigger point and pain. The pain may spread or be referred to another location.

How does it occur?
The injury to produce the Myofascial Pain can be chronic, from a repetitive movement, or from an acute injury to a muscle, such as a muscle sprain.

What are the symptoms?
Myofascial pain can be sharp to an ache. Using the involved muscle(s) will increase the pain. Pushing on a trigger point will reproduce the pain. There is often a decreased range of motion to the joint associated with the involved muscle.

How is it evaluated?
A history and physical examination will identify if myofascial pain syndrome is present. No x-ray or blood tests will identify the syndrome.

How is it treated?
Avoiding the aggravating activities and over the counter pain medications, acetaminophen, naproxen and ibuprofen. Physical therapy is helpful to decrease symptoms and improve muscle strength and function. Trigger point injections may be needed to “break” the localized muscle spasm or trigger point.

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